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Youth - Summer Youth Corps

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Finland, MN
Summer Youth Corps participants will add value to themselves, their community, and the environment through their dedicated service. Corps members will participate in a rigorous program of work, education and training and will complete environmental restoration projects in this residential program. The member is responsible for following all rules and guidelines and adding positively to their team. Crew members will work in crews of youth and two leaders to participate in environmental restoration “spike” projects. Spike projects are completed outside of the residential base and may include trail construction and maintenance, foot bridge building, landscaping, campsite development and introduced plant removal. Crews will camp in tents and prepare their own meals. All work projects are completed outside, even during hot or cold weather and in rain (except in unsafe conditions such as lightning).

Program position options, dates, schedule and compensation:

Program Dates: Saturday, July 6 – Sunday, August 11, 2024
Location: Base camp is at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (Finland, MN) and crews will travel to complete projects across MN and neighboring states.

Position Options:

Crew Member: 
Crew Members will travel, camp, and work with a crew of their peers. Crew Members are expected to work collaboratively with their fellow members to complete work projects, daily camp chores, and daily educational activities.
Prior Experience: No prior experience necessary.
Compensation: $425/week

Wilderness Crew Member:
Wilderness Crew is a back-country crew, meaning there will be no access to cell service or running water. WC members will likely be expected to hike several miles to and from worksites and take on additional tasks such as daily water filtration.
Prior Experience: At least one previous season of work on a conservation crew or other similar wilderness setting.
Compensation: $462.50/week

Youth Peer Mentor:
Youth Peer Mentors (YPM) will travel with crews and serve as role models and mentors for first-year crew members. YPMs will work under the guidance of their Crew Leaders to develop and practice various leadership skills. This role is ideal for SYC alum who hope to return as a Crew Leader in the future.
Prior Experience: At least one previous season of work with SYC
Compensation: $500/week

Click here for the full job description for all three positions.

Code of Conduct: Our program invests in building a community that values being present; therefore, we do not allow youth to bring electronics into the program (including cell phone, music players, etc.) We want youth to connect with other people in the program and enjoy the places you travel to and work in throughout the summer. Youth will have an opportunity to call home once a week using a crew cell phone. Additionally, the following is not an exhaustive list of our guidelines but outlines policies that if breached will be addressed directly by staff and may be means for immediate dismissal.
  1. No tobacco products during your entire summer with Conservation Corps. This includes both possession and use.
  2. No consumption or possession of beer or liquor. This includes in camp or on spike or during other Conservation Corps related activities, at any time.
  3. No drugs (other than medicines approved during the medical review process). This includes both possession and use
  4. No harassment. This includes verbal, sexual, racial, and physical harassment.
  5. No fighting.
  6. No firearms or weapons.
  7. No gambling of any kind.
  8. No vandalism or theft. This includes state and private property.
  9. No activity that is sexual in nature.
  10. No leaving crew unsupervised or running away from crew.
  • Desire and ability to work hard in an outdoors setting.
  • Desire to work with peers in conservation, education and recreation settings.
  • Ability to camp and live outdoors for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to practice strong work habits, environmental ethics and team unity.
  • Positive attitude, interest in service and community work and desire to make a difference.
  • Previous experience is not required; 15-20% of program is dedicated to technical and personal-skill training.
  • Must be 15-18 years old on session start date. Due to child labor laws, no exceptions can be made.
  • Must disclose personal medical health history and current medications, and pass a medical review. (Medical reviews are intended to ensure the safety of participants and staff. We strive to accommodate medical conditions, while acknowledging that there are some serious and/or complicated conditions that we are unable to safely accommodate within our program).

Other Information
Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ people, Deaf/Hard-of-hearing, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Questions? Contact SYC Staff at syc@conservationcorps.org

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